Azakus Advantages

  • Why spend years trying to learn the intricacies of trading with forex and crypto currency when you can get a guaranteed rate of return by investing that surpasses most traders
  • We had tripled our revenue in the first 3 months since the launch of our platform 5 years ago. This provides you a better road map of our growth.
  • The main objective of Azakus is to give our members another option to have access to their funds for unexpected situations, bills, vacations, or anytime when they need quick money. We say "Yes" when banks and other loan lenders say "No." Our work here is 24/7 without any holidays. We always have experienced man-power working with your capital. All you need to do is invest with us.

About the company

At Azakus Limited we are professionals handling our investor’s money, mostly the ones that don’t want the hassle associated with buying and selling foreign stock including crypto currencies.
We had achieved $70MM in Revenue in 2017, projecting at 120MM in 2018. We are looking for additional Investors to take part in profit-share. Azakus has averaged 15.8% IRR the last 5 years & we are working towards our future developments thus increasing our profit-sharing ratio.
Many popular brokers provide access to certain international markets, such as Canada’s Toronto Stock Exchange but fail to offer access to more obscure markets. The good news is that we have this kind of access and have professionals looking out after your invested money making it possible to gain good returns on your investments.
We are working towards to complete the development of ULTRA - a SaaS model based business that uses financial algorithms to forecast the direction of any market and its elements throughout the world in addition to economic report.
Apart from this we have also set up our own mining farm which worked as a stable return on our operations being conducted by our company. We have set up Shark mining rigs in our farms which work on a 24/7 basis. These rigs are handled by our professionals in our mining farms. Members who invest with us have their capital spent towards mining as well. It is solely our decision where we set up the money invested by our members. You don’t have to worry at your money is handled with professional care, invested as the right place and right time in order to receive substantial returns.

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